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The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires connects nonprofits to the resources they need to survive and thrive including community volunteers, donors and pro bono consultants. As a companion web site to our Giving Back guide, we have created, an online platform to help connect nonprofits with people who want to help, particularly in this challenging time.

Our annual printed guide features a directory of nearly 1,000 Berkshire nonprofits organized by category. It also features full page profiles of participating nonprofits that outline “ways to support.” 5,000 copies are distributed free throughout Berkshire County. Our new web site complements and enhances the printed publication with COVID-19-specific impact and needs, ways to help, stories, photos and links to donate.

The platform is free to volunteers and nonprofits, underwritten by the nonprofit technology organization Inspiring Service and the Massachusetts Service Alliance. Any comments or questions should be directed to [email protected]
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