Berkshire Art Museum’s postponement of the 2020 season.

For a small museum, installing our 2020 seasonal exhibitions – which takes a large portion of our budget and involves more than 35 artists – is a major undertaking. With the uncertainty of when we could open under current circumstances and the prospect of a very diminished viewership, and in consultation with our artists and advisory board members, the Berkshire Art Museum has decided to postpone this season’s exhibitions until next year.

This comes as no surprise as several other cultural organizations have also decided to cancel their season. For most cultural venues, there’s a lot of work involved, the logistics are complicated, and expenses are too high to commit for a doubtful start-date and outcome.

Instead, we will take the summer to work on some infrastructure repairs and upgrades. (Hint: you might see a very large cherry-picker/lift on our lawn very soon.)

However, we wanted everyone to know that we were very excited about this season’s exhibitions and we have every intention of presenting these shows next summer/fall. We hope the community will continue to support our efforts during these hard times, and that we’ll get the 2021 season off with a bang!

See you next year.
Eric Rudd
Founding Director

P.S. We have no idea about the 22nd Annual Eagle Street Beach – so stay tuned.

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