Current scenario

As we finished up our stay in Angiya and left the country on the 10th of March we had no idea of what we were in for when we got home. We had some idea but whatever we ran in to here, Kenya was in much deeper trouble as they shut down on the 13th of March and as time has progressed it has become more shut down. 4 of the major cities were shut off by the army and even in Angiya there is a 7pm to 5am curfew as well as no school. All of the markets were shuttered.  Our friend and super guy Kennedy started to put together food stuffs for vulnerable families in Angiya as well as masks and hand sanitizer to distribute. He has now visited 3 times from Kisumu.  Sawa Sawa is funding these efforts as well as setting up peanut butter export from Angiya to Kisumu to help fund more of our work.

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