The board secretary provides the board with required meeting notices, prepares agendas and provides guidance on proper meeting procedures. The board secretary takes minutes of the board meetings, or oversees the process and reviews and distributes approved minutes. The secretary maintains or oversees the maintenance of all board records and committee reports.

The board treasurer oversees the finances of the organization and serves as chair of the organization’s finance committee if there is one. The treasurer utilizes an accounting and finance background in overseeing the preparation of all regular weekly, monthly and annual financial reporting, including the preparation of annual tax documents.

The program committee member provides insight to the relevance of an organization’s products and programs and how they are contributing to the organization’s desired impact.

The board chair is the leader of the board and organization, oversees the hiring and supervision of the organization’s leadership, partners with the organization’s leadership to promote the organization, recruits board leaders, conducts board meetings and ensures that the overall mission and objectives of the organization are implemented, monitored and achieved.

The board member responsible for program has the duty to understand and guide an organization’s programs, needs and abilities to deliver on the organization’s mission and vision. The board member has a broad range of experiences that will help provide guidance to the organization’s service delivery model.

Conversation with an experienced person about ways to generate revenue or improve current revenue generating programs related to your mission

Conversation with an experienced person to review if your current hardware, software, and networking are meeting your organizational needs and make possible recommendations for improvements

Conversation with an experienced person about designing a program to meet your organization’s goals and mission

Conversation with an experienced person about developing a strategy for exploring, defining, implementing programs to best serve your clients and meet your mission

Conversation with an experienced person about metrics to measure performance of your program/project, success compared to goals, improve managing the program/project, evaluate outcomes and share the impact on your mission