Preserve the history of railroading in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts.

Mentor underserved Youth through sport to become college educated leaders in their communities.

To work with families and assist children to develop socially, cognitively, physically, and emotionally while fostering a positive self-image and love for learning that will help them succeed in our program, in public school and later in life.

To foster communication among the people, businesses and organizations of Sheffield and Ashley Falls, Massachusetts.

Encouraging people of all ages, means and skill levels to enrich their lives through hands-on experience in the visual arts.

To strengthen, empower, and connect communities through the universal language of music.

To be a vibrant center of community life in Stockbridge.

Committed to improving the achievement and success of the children and teachers in the Pittsfield Public Schools by enhancing educational opportunities and building broad-based community support for quality public education.

The preservation of historic structures in downtown Lee and to use these facilities for quality performing arts and education programs.

The Bidwell House Museum is a New England heritage site providing a personal encounter with history, early American home life, and the Berkshire landscape through its land, house and collection. The Museum is a non-profit educational institution for the benefit of the community and today’s audiences of all ages, dedicated to preservation, scholarship and enjoyment…