Our Path to Animal Advocacy

Ava Garrett and Lauren Scapin met in the early 2000s and became close friends bonded by their loving spirit. They decided to travel together to Florida to continue their higher education. While trying to build a home there they realized something was lacking. They went to look for a furry friend at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. In the first cage they happened upon who they now refer to as the love of their lives.

Coco laid patiently on the cold hard floor waiting for someone to want her and understand her complicated past. They both kneeled to speak to Coco and her eyes perked and her tail wagged lazily. Her head just fell into their hands anxious for love. For Lauren, it was love at first sight she knew they would be taking Coco home. Two days later, they did. Anxious Ava was excited but hesitant as she always was with new sets of responsibility. Soon, they were a perfect family. Coco, who is seen as an aggressive breed, spent her days cuddling with her two moms in their bed, welcoming them home with warm wet kisses and frolicking in the park every chance she got.

Lauren and Ava realized quickly that even though Coco was so perfect to them, most likely anyone else would have returned her. She has extreme anxiety that at times could be infuriating, and she had to have constant vet visits over urinary and dietary issues. This never discouraged Ava and Lauren, but simply made them realize how often animals are overlooked because they have small flaws.

From Florida to Massachusetts, these two friends strive to bring at risk animals to a home in need of a new four-legged friend. Traveling all up the east coast, they hope to raise enough funds to provide a transportation service to pull animals from the south and eventually spread them nationwide. Lauren & Ava currently work very closely with their shelters volunteering, fostering, and adopting homeless animals.

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