Volunteers are needed for many aspects of hosting runs from 5K to a Marathon.

Be a part of our train crew as a conductor, engineer, or coach attendant.

Help with finance, marketing, communication/media, special event planning, etc.

Help us provide a great experience by assisting as a ticket agent or docent.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with carpentry, mechanics, painting, electrical, landscaping, etc.

We offer a variety of programs throughout the year. Volunteers help with publicity and, on the day of the program, greet visitors; set up and break down chairs and equipment; arrange for refreshments; and, when applicable, assist with book sales for author events.

Volunteers help throughout the year, collecting and sorting books.

Usually working as a group, volunteers help keep our new garden magnificent by watering and weeding on a regular basis, seasonally.

We’re always looking for hospitality volunteers and others to help at our events — ticket taker/greeters, parking lot guides, cleanup help. We also need a few people adept at or willing to learn the technical end of operating sound and lights.

Become a Mentor: RSYP runs a one-to-one, personal development mentoring program to match the interests of youth to mentors in the community.

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