Volunteers have always been HooRWA’s backbone, whether dragging trash out of the river or providing highly specialized expertise. They include paddling enthusiasts, business owners, event organizers, teachers, artists, ecologists, parents, environmental scientists, planners, students, and –mostly!– people who just like taking care of our rivers and streams. Whether you are most comfortable in a boat,…

Volunteers assist with projects of interest to them and may serve on sub-committees but are not required to attend committee meetings; new volunteers may be recruited and added as volunteers by any committee member.

Program instructors have been key partners in our work since the beginning. They include natural resource professionals, educators, scientists, students, and community members who share their passion, knowledge, and life experience with young people.

Volunteers significantly increase our capacity to keep land for all to enjoy here in the beautiful Berkshires. Whether you’d like to help keep trails looking good or build new trail, restore native habitat, assist with office related tasks, we have options for you!

We have dozens of fun and educational volunteer opportunities around the state, from trail maintenance and visitor services to gardening and marketing and beyond. Have an impact on the environment by volunteering at one of our wildlife sanctuaries or at Mass Audubon headquarters in Lincoln.

Final construction of Riverfront Trail is currently underway. It will feature river viewing areas, informational signs that note important local historical and natural features, and a 20-foot long footbridge. Peter S. Jensen & Associates, LLC has cleared the trail terminus and pathway on the Brookside Road segment of Riverfront Trail. Construction of the footbridge has…

We have a lot going on at April Hill Farm and welcome volunteers to come and help with planting, weeding, and harvesting our annual and perennial food crops – all food grown at the farm will go to local food pantries and schools.