The Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE) is committed to bringing out the best in the Berkshires and beyond through volunteer outreach from our dynamic community of new, rising and experienced leaders in diverse industries, organizations and roles. Core to our mission is giving back to help others move forward–through mentoring, career coaching and community service.

We are always looking for volunteers to help with carpentry, mechanics, painting, electrical, landscaping, etc.

Help our facilities team with simple repairs, basic landscaping, carpentry, and painting.

Dental Hygienists are always in high demand and are vital to meeting our objective of keeping patients healthy. Most hygienists provide service for one half-day per month.

Dental Assistants are vital to the efficiency and quality of our services. If you are able to assist for one or two half days per month, you will make a significant impact on the smiles of VIM patients.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of every organization. Whether from your keyboard at home, hands on with the animals, cleaning, feeding, transporting. We need your help!

Are you great with computers or Graphic Design? An ace with a hammer and drill? Is there a particular skill you have that might be of help to Animal DREAMS? We would love to hear about it!