Help behind the scenes with administrative tasks.

Volunteers assist with the needs of others and help around the house. Assisting with the needs of others can be giving someone a ride to a therapy or to day program, helping someone with personal care and hygiene, writing a letter, making a phone call, growing fresh greens, weaving a baby blanket or attending a…

UCP of Berkshire County has exciting volunteer opportunities for individuals of all ages: from school-age students to adults.

Volunteers help throughout the year, collecting and sorting books.

Volunteers assist with projects of interest to them and may serve on sub-committees but are not required to attend committee meetings; new volunteers may be recruited and added as volunteers by any committee member.

Volunteer to recruit instructors and plan classes, organize special events and trips, provide IT support, write for our newsletter, and much more!

Our volunteer board of directors and various committee members help guide us and keep our organization on a path to success.

(Serving the Health Information Needs of Everyone) Become trained to understand Medicare/Medicaid benefits and other health insurance options so you can help seniors make informed choices.

Make weekly visits to nursing home residents to monitor care and resolve complaints.

Assist with special projects such as bulk mailings at Elder Services’ office, 877 South Street, 4E, Pittsfield.