We’re Back, Dudes!!

With COVID-19 taking over, it’s been dreary in our hearts. Moods saddened in the routine of things past and for things yet to happen. Taking proper precautions keeps us on the mend — just got to work past it. Our meetings in the Zoom chat room re-established the ability of being together. Team effort is of high importance to make things better, proven quite effective to our teahouse, actually. Now the most neatest thing we’ve tried to shoot for is to be back in our tea house.

In the bravery of it all this, as of Monday the 20th, we’re back, dudes!! Not in the whole place being opened but still feels great to anticipate that. Our porch is the place you can order tea and whatnot. Very exciting I’d be back, been looking forward to this. Let’s keep praying please.

Editor’s Note: Awesome blog post, Dan! We can’t tell you how excited we all are to have our ExtraSpecialServers back in the teahouse. Not all of them can be here and those who are here have to follow all safety protocols – and they can’t serve behind the tea bar at this time. We look forward to getting back to our usual fun, purpose and possibility. BUT we still feel tons of gratitude and hope and look forward to seeing you on our takeout porch (bubble teas are hot, hot, hot!) and ordering from our website. #WeBrewBelonging

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